Interactive Map of Downtown Cancun

On this Cancun downtown map you will find everything from malls and supermarkets to movie theaters, hotels and hospitals. Also view the main bus routes that come and go to the Cancun Hotel Zone.

To explore the hotel zone, view our Interactive Cancun Hotel Zone Map that lets you choose what the map displays, from hotels and condos, to restaurants and public beaches. It also allows you to explore Cancun using  Google Street View.


Cancun Downtown Map



Shopping Mall

Movie Theater


Gas Station


Police Station

Fire Station


Red Cross



Coffee Shop

Fast Food


Pub - Sports Bar

Bull Fight Arena

Soccer Stadium

City Hall

Bus Station


   R-1 Bus
(every 5 min)
  R-2 Bus 
(every 15 min)
  R-15 Bus 
(every 20 min)
  R-27 Bus 
(every 25 min)


 List of Downtown Cancun Hotels


"Downtown Cancun" Vs. "Cancun City"

Supposedly Downtown Cancun is just the Neighborhoods that surround City Hall, and Cancun City is all the area outside the Hotel Zone. But there's not a specific number of how many blocks are part of downtown Cancun, what's considered the actual "downtown" will vary from people to people. For example many people don't consider Wall Mart to be in downtown and many do... but that's semantics, in real life both terms are synonymous.  That's why we called this a "Downtown Cancun Map" but you can see all of "Cancun City", including its outer areas called regions.

The official Cancun taxi rate within any area in downtown Cancun is $25 pesos, as you go to the outer areas and regions the rate increases to $30 pesos and $35 pesos. Of course, taxis that are in stands outside downtown supermarkets or shopping malls have a higher rate. 

Cancun Restaurant Map / Interactive Cancun Hotel Zone Map / JPG Cancun Hotel Map

Map of  Downtown Cancun 2012
Restaurants, Hotels, Pubs and more.